Cape Town South Africa, romance, food and a fantastic city..

Have you ever been in a city where you just feel you’ve been there before? Cape Town gave me that sensation, it was my very first time in Africa but the city makes you feel like you belong in a second.

This trip was my first trip just after deciding moving out  from Mexico to Canada, and I must say it make all the transition easier, no, I was not traveling alone and yes, traveling with the person you love changes entirely the perspective, but me and the city had a love at first sight.

Mexican restaurant Cape Town.. Funny?

Mexican restaurant Cape Town.. Funny?

Walking around Cape Town was an experience of its own, starting by listening to absolutely contradictory comments among people saying that the city is not safe enough for a woman alone, to the exact opposite and encouraging you to explore. Personally I did the second one, regretting nothing, and having less than a week to visit it was a mandatory.

My favorite stop was Company’s Garden, the feeling of calm and relaxation that the garden emanates is addictive and exactly what I needed in my own adaptation to new life process; I won’t lie, I spent hours there at least a couple a day, walking around, visiting the museums close by and the art gallery, reading and eating. I was surprise of how many people went there to, such as I did, have some moments for themselves, outside of the world and making the earth spin stopped for a while just for them.

Company's Garden.. Oasis for the soul in the middle of the city

Company’s Garden.. Oasis for the soul in the middle of the city

For a change of mood it was Long Street, vibrant and full of life! Yes, we fell for it and we bar hop, we vinyl searched, we drank and we ate! Although my favorite of all was our almost daily stop at an Ethiopian Restaurant.. (oh Addis in Cape, you will have my heart.. and my stomach, forever!) That even now I still dream of coming back and makes me have insane thoughts about moving to Cape Town just to be able to eat there often.

Table Top Cape Town

One of our last stops was table top mountain, we were lucky enough to have a great weather and that the park was reopened, the strong wind of the days before had it closed and we didn’t want to leave the city without going, saying that the views are magnificent does not  make justice to what it really is to be on the top, the city on one side and the ocean on the other, the wind, the sun and the sensation of being sourrended by something greater than you is everywhere. We came down the mountain with the promise of a new beginning, a new life together, with a great scenario and a fabulous city as a witness, and if I could go back in time, there will be no other place where I would like to start this new journey, Cape Town will always be connected to me in a very special way.